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UNDP Lebanon is launching YLP9 to empower change-makers and support the young women and men to design and implement innovative, impactful, and sustainable development solutions

What is the Youth Leadership Programme?

In recognition of the vital role youth play in achieving development goals, UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab State RBAS launched a Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) in 2015. YLP aims to empower change-makers and support the young women and men to design and implement innovative, impactful, and sustainable development solutions, whether in the form of social enterprises, non-profits, NGOs, initiatives, or campaigns.

Main Theme in YLP9

Creating Job Opportunities in Lebanon

Recognizing the high unemployment rates and limited economic opportunities faced by the youth in Lebanon, this theme aims to empower and inspire young change-makers to develop innovative solutions that address the pressing need for job creation. Participants will be encouraged to explore ideas that contribute to the growth of sustainable employment opportunities by creating new job opportunities

Rebuilding Solutions for Lebanon

In the light of the ongoing economic and political crisis that has significantly affected Lebanon, this theme aims to harness the potential of the youth to contribute to the country’s recovery and reconstruction efforts. Participants will be encouraged to develop and implement innovative projects, initiatives, NGOs, or campaigns that address the urgent needs and challenges faced by the public sector (Municipalities, Ministries, etc) or could be general on the country level.

Stages and Timeline*

*Tentative and might be changed during implementation

July 21 - August 1
Call for Applications
Apply now to the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) in Lebanon during the Call for Applications stage from July 21 till August 1, and seize the opportunity to showcase your potential in driving positive change and creating a brighter future for your communities.
July 21 - August 1
August 7
Announcing the Results
Mark your calendars for August 7 when Applications' results will be announced. You will receive email with your result, along with a confirmation form to secure your spot in the program.
August 7
August 11
Online Welcoming Event
August 11
August 11 - August 20
Online Course and Social Challenge
Deadline Extended till August 23
August 11 - August 20
September 4
In Person Bootcamp Shortlisting Results
Originally was August 23, delayed till September 4
September 4
September 16 and 17
In Person Bootcamp
Originally was September 2 and 3. Delayed Until September 16 and 17. Transportation will be provided.
September 16 and 17
September 16 - September 20
Submitting Projects Brief
September 16 - September 20
September 22
Final Selection Results for Mentorship and Coaching
100 Project will be selected
September 22
September 22 - Mid October
Mentorship and Coaching with Youth Serving Organizations
September 22 - Mid October
Mid of October
Closure and Showcasing Event
Date is still tentative based on the implementation needs and logistics
Mid of October
To be Determined
Regional Workshop
To be Determined

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for YLP9, you should meet the following requirements and possess the qualities necessary to create a positive impact in Lebanon and drive meaningful change in your community.

  • You must be between 18 and 29 years old.
  • You should be a Lebanese national or a legally registered resident.
  • You should be available and committed to the full duration of the program, which typically involves approximately 3 hours per week.
  • You are not a YLP Alumni. If you participated in previous years, but did not reach the final stages you are eligible to apply again.
  • You should be fluent in both Arabic and English to effectively participate in program activities and communication.
  • You should possess a strong motivation and interest in creating a positive impact in Lebanon, driving change within your community, and contributing to a better future.

Applications are closed on August 1, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can still apply for the YLP9 even if you do not have a project idea at the moment. However, it is important to note that having a project idea and the willingness to work on it is a key requirement for the program. If you are selected to proceed to the next stages, we will provide guidance and support to help you develop a project idea. Please keep in mind that applicants who do not have a project idea should express in the application their interest to work on an idea based on the sector and theme of your interest. We encourage you to reflect on your interests, passions, and the issues you would like to address in your community as you consider applying to the YLP9.

The application for the YLP9 is expected to take approximately 1 hour to complete. It is important to note that you will not be able to save your progress and continue later, so it is recommended to allocate sufficient time to complete the application in one sitting. Additionally, please ensure that you submit your application before the specified deadline, as applications received after the deadline will be disqualified. We encourage you to thoroughly review the application requirements beforehand to streamline the application process. You will not be asked to submit any document as part of the application.

Once you have successfully submitted your application for the YLP9, you will receive an email notification confirming the receipt of your application. This email serves as an acknowledgment that your application has been received by the YLP team. It is important to check your email inbox, including the spam or junk folder, to ensure that you do not miss this notification.

Yes! You are allowed to use ChatGPT or other AI tools to assist you in filling out your application for the YLP9. However, it is important to use these tools wisely and thoughtfully. While AI tools can provide valuable information and suggestions, it is crucial to personalize your responses and ensure they reflect your own passions, experiences, and unique perspective.

The YLP9 application process is highly competitive, with a significant number of applicants expected. It is essential to make your application stand out by showcasing your individuality, passion, and commitment to creating positive change. Simply copying and pasting generic or AI-generated responses may not effectively convey your true motivations and capabilities, potentially diminishing your chances of being shortlisted.

Therefore, we strongly recommend using AI tools as a supplementary resource to enhance your understanding of the topics and assist with structuring your responses. However, take the time to personalize your answers, adding your personal touch and reflecting your own thoughts and experiences. This will demonstrate your authenticity and make your application more compelling.

Ultimately, the goal is to present an application that genuinely reflects who you are, your aspirations, and your dedication to making a difference.

Applicants for the YLP9 must meet the age requirement of being between 18 and 30 years old. Those below 18 or above 30 are considered ineligible and their applications will be rejected. Age proof may be requested at a later stage to verify eligibility.

The application for the YLP9 is based on individuals rather than teams. Each applicant will need to submit their own individual application. However, if you are already working on a project and have team members who are committed to participating in the YLP9 program activities, we encourage them to submit their own individual applications as well. This ensures that all team members are actively engaged in the program and can fully benefit from the opportunities provided.

YLP9 does not provide direct funding for project implementation. However, it equips participants with skills and connections to pursue future funding opportunities. As YLP alumni, you gain access to funding programs, including the YLP Incubation Programs, and other programmes organized by our partner organizations.

Your application for the YLP9 will undergo a thorough evaluation process. It will be reviewed by multiple advisory board members and UNDP staff members through the YLP Application Management System. Here’s an overview of how your application will be evaluated:

  • Anonymous Review: The evaluation process ensures anonymity, meaning that the reviewers will not have access to your profile or demographic details. They will solely assess the answers to the application questions and essays.
  • Grading Criteria: Your application will be assessed based on specific grading criteria, which may include factors such as clarity of responses, relevance to the program’s objectives, innovative thinking, feasibility of the project idea, and potential impact.
  • Scoring System: A scoring system will be used to calculate the final score for each application. This system ensures consistency and fairness in the evaluation process. Applications with higher scores will have a greater chance of being shortlisted.

To maximize your chances of receiving a high score, it is essential to answer all the questions efficiently and thoughtfully. Provide clear and concise responses that showcase your passion, commitment, and alignment with the program’s objectives. Be sure to address all the required aspects of each question, and highlight your unique perspective, experiences, and ideas.

If you still have a question about the YLP that is not answered on this webpage or on the main YLP Website, you can send us an email on

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