Youth Leadership Programme - YLP9

Application form for Lebanon in 2023

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UNDP will be implementing the YLP9 this year focussing on the following two themes:

Creating Job Opportunities in Lebanon

Recognizing the high unemployment rates and limited economic opportunities faced by the youth in Lebanon, this theme aims to empower and inspire young change-makers to develop innovative solutions that address the pressing need for job creation. Participants will be encouraged to explore ideas that contribute to the growth of sustainable employment opportunities by creating new job opportunities.

Rebuilding Solutions for Lebanon

In the light of the ongoing economic and political crisis that has significantly affected Lebanon, this theme aims to harness the potential of the youth to contribute to the country’s recovery and reconstruction efforts. Participants will be encouraged to develop and implement innovative projects, initiatives, NGOs, or campaigns that address the urgent needs and challenges faced by the public sector (Municipalities, Ministries, etc) or could be general on the country level.

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